PSM-Jail Tool Information Page

It's YOUR data. Start using it!

Forecast Your Jail Populations with Confidence.

Imagine being PROACTIVE instead of reactive when it comes to jail management and overcrowding.

The Projection and Strategy Model Jail Tool (PSM-Jail) enables you to examine the impacts of various policy scenarios based on your existing data.

Pricing Details

$2,000 / yr.* 

* Up to 8 hours of technical assistance with the tool; additional technical assistance billed at $200/hour

Static Jail Studies Don't Always Work

  • Expensive use of tax dollars.
  • Results are static & immediately dated.
  • Often leaves you with more questions than you started with.

Benefits of PSM-Jail

Easy to use.

What the point if it's not easy to use? Entering your data - easy. Running multiple scenarios - easy. Sharing recommendations with your jurisdiction - easy! 

Effective use of public dollars.

PSM-Jail brings you clarity. Understand how different policy options and decisions will affect jail bed and program space & proactively plan for budget and resource impacts of new policies. 

You're in control.

Right service, right person, right time. Identify effective strategies to manage specific populations.

PSM-Jail eliminates the need for consultants to do projections for you - build your capacity to do them on your own.

PSM-Jail Features

Effective Strategies

Provides cost benefit information on suggested evidence based strategies.


Download your specific projection results in multiple formats.


Aggregate jail data is maintained on a secure server.

Tried &Tested.

Tested by multiple jurisdictions across the country.

"I love the policy modeling feature that allows our county to rely on data instead of opinion to examine proposed policy changes."

Alison Birchard Research & Planning Analyst Boulder County Community Justice Services 

It's time for you to become pro-active!